VF Laser Clinics are equipped with the original Plexr® GMV system, which is the cutting edge of medical technology using plasma, which is the fourth state of matter!

With Plexr ® we selectively increase the temperature in a specific area and using a small electric arc that looks like “lightning”, we succeed in annihilating (by sublimation) the superficial skin tissues in the problematic areas, without affecting the deeper skin layers. Because the procedure is highly targeted, there is no bleeding and, more importantly, no necrosis of the underlying tissues.

Plexr ® has a wide range of therapeutic uses, including:

  • Non-surgical, bloodless blepharoplasty.
    • Correction of various skin lesions, including fibroids, warts, sun spots, etc.
    • Tattoo removal.
    • Improving the appearance of scars, including post-surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks.
    • Elimination of lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
    • Facelift and necklift.
    • Active acne.


The Plexr® GMV system offers unrivalled advantages, such as:
• Excellent Results
• Wide range of therapeutic uses
• Focused Action of Plasma Technology
• Absolute Safety
• High Performance Ergonomic Device
• Minimum Recovery Time