At VF Laser Clinics, in order to offer high quality medical services, we developed 8 separate Medical Departments.

Each department is operated by top doctors, all pioneers and distinguished in their field.

Furthermore, our clinics only employ scientific staff who possess documented clinical experience, while we do NOT hire trainees and interns, as is common practice in some cosmetic medicine centers.

In addition, all departments without exception are equipped with the most advanced medical equipment.

In this way, both the patient’s safety is ensured, as well as the specialized treatment of the problem that concerns them, whether it is aesthetic or purely medical.


The most effective, painless, fast and economical method of treating unwanted hair is laser hair removal.
At VF Laser Clinics, we have great expertise in LASER hair removal, and we guarantee the permanent relief from unwanted hair growth.
Having invested in the most modern LASER systems, and with the experience of thousands of cases, we manage to ensure an excellent result with safety and responsibility.

VF Laser Clinics apply COMBINED HAIR REMOVAL TREATMENTS with different laser devices depending on the case, as we are the only company offering such a large number of different – and even new generation – laser systems in the same center!


The Department of Cosmetic Dermatology focuses on the aesthetic regeneration of the face and body, the treatment of medical conditions related to our external appearance, and anti-aging.
At VF Laser Clinics, the Cosmetic Dermatology Department is run by leading scientists of various specialties, such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, etc.

In a pleasant environment, we treat individually and holistically every aesthetic need, providing tangible and substantial results, with respect to the harmonious proportions of the face and body.

Our goal is always to activate natural functions (not muscle paralysis) and deep rejuvenation (not just skin regeneration) of the face and body.


The Department of Clinical Dermatology is dedicated to the scientific diagnosis and effective treatment of skin diseases.
The most commonly occurring dermatological conditions include acne, various types of scars, dermatitis and fungal infections, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and certain dermatological lesions such as hyperkeratosis, vitiligo, warts, etc.
At Laser VF Clinics, special teams of qualified clinical dermatologists have been formed, with many years of experience in both the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin conditions.
Clinical dermatology is an integral, rapidly evolving part of medical science. It is worth noting that many conditions that were previously considered long-term (or even incurable) can now be treated quickly, painlessly and effectively.


The contribution of a balanced diet to health, appearance and well-being is proven and undeniable.

At VF Laser Clinics, the nutritional approach is carried out by our qualified Clinical Dietitians – Nutritionists, while at the same time a whole range of scientists, such as, Dermatologists, Anti-Aging Doctors, etc. provide support services.

Nutrition programmes are personalised and holistic, taking into account a very large number of parameters. This ensures the best possible result in terms of both external appearance and good functioning of the body.


Nowadays, hair loss is a problem that concerns a constantly increasing number of people. The Department of Hair Loss is dedicated to both the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to hair loss, and of course Hair Transplantation, in which we always introduce and apply the most advanced and effective methods nationwide.

At VF Laser Clinics, we treat all cases of hair loss – alopecia in men and women, only with scientifically proven methods.

The doctors of our center, having more than 20 years of experience in hair transplant, apply the technique that meets your personal needs without dogmatism and prejudice.

With our  high-value expertise as a basis, our advanced medical equipment, but also the cooperation of our  hair transplant department with the best doctors in the field, we are able to offer you the most appropriate solution at the best price.


VF Laser Clinics  has a state-of-the-art, fully equipped Department of Plastic Surgery. 

The Department collaborates with experienced plastic surgeons and qualified medical personnel, applying the most modern methods of Cosmetic Surgery.

In our clinic, aesthetic procedures of the face (Facelift, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, etc.) and body (Breast Augmentation – Lifting – Breast Reduction, Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, etc.) are performed.


Cutting edge treatments of Clinical and Cosmetic Dentistry!

Nowadays, a healthy and bright smile should not be a luxury, but rather a necessity and a right.

Based on the above rationale, we have lovingly created the Dental Department, which is equipped with the latest dental equipment and staffed with distinguished dentists who have one mission:

To Offer you the most beautiful smile of your life!


At VF Laser Clinics, distinguished eye surgeons apply with the most advanced laser machines, the invasive procedures TR ANS-PRK and FEMTOLASIK, to fully and permanently restore your vision!

These are the 2 most specialized and at the same time safe procedures of refractive surgery with Laser, with which we slightly alter the shape of the cornea to obtain a perfect form, thus correcting the vision problem(myopia, farsightednessor astigmatism).