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The most effective, painless, fast and economical method of treating unwanted hair is laser hair removal.

Any other method such as razor blades, waxing, hair removal home devices, etc., is an essentially meaningless procedure, since hair removal is superficial and temporary. In addition, these methods irritate the skin, often causing various dermatological problems, such as folliculitis, irritation, hair growth, sagging skin, worsening of spider veins, etc.

Having invested in the most modern LASER hair removal systems, and with the experience of thousands of cases, we ensure excellent results in every case with safety and responsibility.

At VF Laser Clinics we are strict when it comes to both safety and effectiveness of each treatment: your time is too precious to be wasted in unnecessary sessions, and your health is simply priceless!


Laser hair removal -like most laser treatments- must be completely personalized in order to be truly effective and safe! In our Group this is ensured because:
  • We have the right laser hair removal machines for every skin type. For example, the same Alexandrite laser machine is not suitable for everyone, while various machines, such as IPL, are not suitable for hair removal. At VF Laser Clinics, we have invested in the most modern Lasers on the market, for example: CANDELA ® LASER ALEXANDRITE ARION™ LASER ALEXANDRITE PLATFORM ALEXANDRITE TRIPLE LASER®
  • The laser hair removal machines are not only reliable but of excellent quality, and come with all the necessary certificates.
  • The laser hair removal machines are properly maintained, strictly adhering to the specifications.
  • Laser machines operate in the right way. The settings of the laser machines are differentiated each time, depending on the person, the application area, the type of hair, the effect of hormones, etc.
  • The practitioners of the treatment are fully qualified, otherwise the result is at best incomplete and at worst detrimental to health. Hair removal should never be performed without medical supervision.
  • Before the application of hair removal, a complete dermatological examination is performed.
  • Safety rules are strictly respected. There are cases when laser hair removal is either contraindicated or should be applied under certain conditions.


At VF Laser Clinics, Laser hair removal sessions are a safe and painless procedure.

The appropriate hair removal laser is used according to your skin type, the area to be treated, the type of hair, etc.
Essentially, the Hair Removal Laser is a beam of light that is selectively absorbed by specific components of the skin (water, melanin, hemoglobin), thus causing heat to be generated. The hair follicle, which has a high concentration of melanin, absorbs a large amount of energy, resulting in its overheating and destruction.

At VF Laser Clinics, we use advanced laser machines that work on multiple follicles simultaneously, so sessions even in areas with a large surface area (legs, back, etc.) are extremely short. Moreover, thanks to their modern way of operation (cooling of the area, etc.), the sessions are practically painless and local irritations are avoided.


LASER hair removal is applied to women and men, in almost every area of the face or body where there is hair growth. More specifically, laser hair removal is applied:

On the face
• upper lip
• cheeks
• chin
• cheekbones
• eyebrows
• sideburns
• neck

On the body
• cleavage
• armpit
• hands
• chest
• back
• abdomen
• lower back
• bikini
• glutes
• legs

Laser hair removal is for women and men from the age of 18 years and above. The treatment is completely safe and has been tested for many years.

Contraindications for laser hair removal include photodermatitis, photosensitivity, taking photosensitizing drugs, as well as some special cases of dermatological problems. For precautionary reasons, it is recommended that laser hair removal should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

The exact number of sessions is determined depending on individual factors, such as the hair removal area, skin type, type of hair, etc.
Usually, for permanent hair removal, 5-6 sessions are required, which are carried out at the times set by the dermatologist (the intervals between sessions depend on the life cycle of the hair per area and vary per person).

At Laser VF Clinics, hair removal is completely personalized so that you get definitive results without spending your money and time on unnecessary sessions.

The results are permanent!

From the very first session, hair growth is noticeably reduced, while the hair becomes soft and blond. The final result comes with the completion of the cycle of sessions.

In some areas such as the legs, underarms, and bikini, permanent results are achieved more immediately and easily, while in other areas such as the face, more persistence is often required.

Also, permanent results in women are achieved faster than in men, due to the high percentage of androgens in men’s blood.

Hair removal with LASER is an aesthetic – cosmetic option. However, there are also cases where it is required for medical reasons.
For example, in cases of folliculitis, spider veins, dermatitis, coccygeal cyst, hypertrichosis, papillomas and warts, hair removal should only be performed with LASER, in order to protect the skin and not to aggravate or expand the lesions.
It is worth noting that many of the above lesions are caused by depilatory creams, depilatory devices or after waxing.



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