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Scientific research has proved, that hair loss treatments offer the best results when they’ re customized to the patient’s needs.

At VF Laser Clinics, hair loss treatments are exclusively tailored to each and every individual patient

In that way:

  • Hair loss susceptibility is successfully predicted.
  • The most suitable hair loss prevention strategy is selected.
  • The emphasis in treatments is gradually shifted from reaction to prevention.
  • Each patient knows before the treatment what results to expect.
  • Prescribed drugs have lesser or no side effects.
  • Treatment’s time is reduced.
  • Cost is significantly lower, as there’s no testing period. We choose a strategy and we follow the correct protocol.

Depending on the case, the treatment goals vary from  promoting hair growth, to slowing or even hiding hair loss. Hair loss treatments may include:

  • Medications,
  • PRP Therapy,
  • Hair Transplantation.

To get the best results, our doctors may suggest a combination of these approaches.

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