Gingivitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the gums, and results in bleeding of the gums during tooth brushing, chewing, etc. It is caused by the formation of microbial plaque and is primarily caused by poor oral hygiene.

Unless proper care is taken, gingivitis develops into a more advanced oral disease called periodontitis. Essentially, the inflammation extends deeper, gradually affecting all the tissues that surround and support the tooth (gums and supporting bone).

Depending on the stage that periodontitis is at, we may have bone pockets, bone loss, as well as tooth mobility. If proper treatment is not followed, the patient enters the last stage of the disease, where the teeth are lost.

At VF Laser Clinics, specialized periodontists treat periodontitis at any stage, applying the most advanced methods of modern dentistry.


A very important part of treatment is to accurately determine the stage of the disease.

Depending on the stage and the damage caused, the periodontist draws up the treatment protocol, aiming to fully restore the health of the teeth and gums.

Indicatively we can mention that while in a mild case of gingivitis a deep and thorough subpolar cleaning is usually sufficient, in more advanced cases of periodontitis even surgical treatment with or without the use of laser may be required depending on the case.

In any case, we make sure that the treatment procedures are painless and the patient is not inconvenienced with unnecessary visits and expenses.


  • Comprehensive restoration of the health of teeth and gums
  • Treatment of all cases, depending on the stage of the disease
  • Excellent aesthetic image
  • Advanced methods of plastic surgery and microsurgery of the gums are used, in cases where it is required
  • In ALL stages, treatment is carried out with medical methods that make it PAINLESS


It concerns cases where gingivitis or periodontitis is detected.

The number of sessions depends on the stage of the disease.

In mild cases of gingivitis, 1-2 sessions are usually enough.

In advanced cases of periodontitis, complex treatment sessions and a series of regular check-ups are required.

In all cases, the treatment is carried out by medical methods that make it PAINLESS for the patient.

When periodontitis is in an advanced stage, it is possible that surgical methods of restoration may be necessary.

Local anaesthesia is usually used, but it is possible that conscious sedation may also be used. In these cases, the treatment is carried out in our clinic in the presence of an experienced anaesthesiologist.

Periodontitis is a microbial disease that unfortunately affects a large percentage of the adult population worldwide, even in developed countries.

To avoid the disease , it is necessary both the meticulous observance of the rules of oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist.



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