Without Surgery, Incisions or Stitches!

VF Laser Clinics continue to invest in new technologies, introducing an INNOVATIVE METHOD OF BLOODLESS BLEPHAROPLASTY, which can be applied without any risk to all ages, the PLASMA TEC BLEPHAROPLASTY!

With PLASMA TEC technology, we selectively increase the temperature in a specific area, thus achieving the “sublimation” of skin tissues where needed, without affecting the deeper skin layers.

PLASMA TEC treatment is the most advanced, non-invasive method of blepharoplasty, and is applied exclusively by certified and specially trained doctors.

Our qualified medical staff makes use of the fourth state of matter, known as PLASMA . Essentially, using a small electric arc that resembles a “lightning bolt”, we selectively increase the temperature in the treatment area, succeeding in sublimation of the surface layers of the skin. Because the procedure is highly targeted, the deeper skin layers are not affected, there is no bleeding and, most importantly, no necrosis of the underlying tissues.

Now, in LESS THAN HALF AN HOUR we manage to apply excellent quality blepharoplasty restoration, without the risk of scars, asymmetries or damage!

This procedure is 100% non-ablative as it is performed without incisions, cutting,  removing fat, or altering the orbicularis muscle in the eyelids, while providing impressive, imminent results!


  • Bloodless Blepharoplasty.
  • Complete elimination of wrinkles, sagging, fatigue (bags), and other skin lesions.
  • Rejuvenation and radiance in the entire area around the eyes.
  • Immediate treatment, completed in 1 session.
  • Non-invasive and completely safe treatment, without incisions, scars or marks.


  • Before application, the necessary dermatological examinations are conducted.
  • The treatment of the problem is completely personalized each time.
  • The application is non-surgical, and completely safe.
  • The results are immediately visible.
  • The treatment is not painful, and you do not undergo general anesthesia.
  • There is no recovery time and you can return to your daily activities immediately.


Bloodless blepharoplasty is applied to the entire eye area. In more detail, we are dealing with:
– sagging and “bags” around the eyes
– the lifting of the eyebrows and the mid-eyebrow
– the elimination of wrinkles around the eyes
– the treatment of chalazion
– the removal of skin lesions of the eyelids
– the elimination of scars or xanthelasmas in the area

Plasma Tec Blepharoplasty is a non-invasive treatment, proven to be safe and effective. It is suitable for women and men, aged 30 years and older with excess skin on the eyelid. It is a treatment suitable for all skin types.

The results are permanent!

The treatment is completed in 1 session of 30 minutes! The results are immediate and impressive!

The procedure is non-surgical and you can return to your everyday activities almost immediately after the treatment.

Special reconstructive make up is used for a few days after the treatment.



    Leaders in Cosmetic Medicine

    As we age, excess skin is concentrated on the area around the eyes as well as the eyelids giving us a tired, hooded and aged look. Untill recently, the most effective and conventional approach to counteract these issues has been eyelid surgery (surgical blepharoplasty).

    However, this procedure presented quite a few disadvantages. Without a doubt it required a lot of healing time and could be extremely painful for the patient. Moreover, the financial cost was high and most of the times more than one session were needed to obtain the final result. Most importantly, it entailed many risks (e.g. complications of anesthesia, infection, injury to the lacrimal system, scarring, asymmetric appearance, difficulty closing the eyes, drooping upper eyelid, vision problems, etc.).

    Plasma Technology is an innovative non-ablative treatment that essentially uses the ionization of gases in the air in order to form “plasma”,the fourth state of matter (the other states are solid, liquid and gas). This substance generates a small electric arc that “evaporates” instantly the excess skin surrounding the eye area, without damaging the deeper layers of skin or the underlying muscles. Thus, this mechanism allows us to operate in the most effective, convenient and safe way possible.

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