We all seek a beautiful and bright smile, and most of the time the excellent treatment of whitening is enough to get it.

There are some cases, however, where this method is not sufficient, because:

  • the colour palette of human teeth is wide, and while some people have naturally white teeth, others have much “darker” teeth,
  • whitening  opens up  the colour tone, but cannot correct imperfections in the shape of the teeth.

The solution to these problems is offered by DENTAL LIFTING (also known as Sculpting – Bonding – Tooth Lifting), a modern dental method in which a type of synthetic resin is bonded to the teeth, thus correcting both the color and the shape of the teeth.

It is worth mentioning that in cases where there are decayed teeth, the result of DENTAL LIFTING is also therapeutic, since the resin coating protects the teeth from further decay.


Initially, a clinical examination is performed and the findings are recorded so that the dentist is able to determine the interventions that will lead to the optimal aesthetic and therapeutic result. All this always taking into account the patient’s wishes.

Then, the front surface of the teeth is prepared at the required points, and immediately afterwards the synthetic resin is applied on the surface of the teeth.

The DENTAL LIFTING techniques that we apply at VF Laser Clinics, restore the imperfections of the teeth to such an extent that even professional dentists cannot even perceive how the teeth were originally!

DENTAL LIFTING in our clinic is carried out in 1 SINGLE SESSION. The procedure is completely painless.


  • White, bright smile
  • Elimination of a variety of defects such as two-colored teeth, tooth discoloration, decay, gaps between teeth, small tooth size, etc.
  • Completely safe and painless procedure
  • ONLY materials that are biocompatible with the structure of the teeth are used
  • Easy and fast procedure, in 1 single Session
  • Long lasting effect


The treatment applies to women and men over 18 years of age, and applies in cases where:

  • the color of the teeth is “dark” by nature,
  • there are teeth with different colors, so we give them all exactly the same color,
  • some teeth have “gaps” between them, so they can be reduced,
  • the teeth are small in size, so we increase it,
  • there are teeth with fillings and/or denervated teeth
  • some teeth have chips, “scrapes”, or other damage
  • there are crooked teeth, provided that orthodontic treatment has been ruled out.

The treatment is quick, painless and safeCompleted in 1 single session.

The results are immediate and last up to 10 years.

In case we want the effect to last forever, then it is recommended to place porcelain veneers

In our clinic we use exclusively HIGH QUALITY CERTIFIED RESINS.

So the materials are EXTREMELY RELIABLE and at the same time ABSOLUTELY SAFE for your health.

There are cases (e.g. in teeth with caries, periodontitis, etc.) in which DENTAL LIFTING is either not indicated or it is necessary to have a previous treatment (e.g. filling).

In any case, our dentists, after evaluating the condition of your mouth, provide you with full information, putting your health first.



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