A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic object that is placed over a tooth or an implant, in order to restore its strength, shape or size, and to improve its esthetic  appearance or function.

Dental crowns can be crafted to repair a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even to fill a space (in conjunction with dental bridges and implants), while they can be made from various materials, such as gold alloys, porcelain, resins,  ceramics, zirconia, etc.

Although porcelain crowns are most preferable (as they are affordable and they look like normal teeth), zirconium crowns are considered to be the best choice. Zirconium  crowns are made up of zirconia (zirconium oxide) and they offer significant advantages over the other types of crowns; they can be colored and shaped to closely match any natural teeth, they are biocompatible, they have got appreciable strength, and they are corrosion resistant.

It is important to know that in NO CASE do we use materials that degrade the functionality and aesthetics of the mouth.

Instead, WE CHOOSE MODERN, BIOCOMPATIBLE materials, such as lithium dipyrite porcelain, zirconia, etc.


To place a crown (cap) on a tooth, the process involves 3 basic steps:

  • In the first stage, the dentist prepares the tooth properly to accept the crown. Using special dental tools, the dentist reduces the size of the tooth by length and width, while at the same time he/she makes the necessary measurements / impressions and sends them to the dental laboratory. At the same time, a temporary cap is applied to the patient’s tooth so that it remains protected until the end of the procedure.
  • The second stage is the construction of the crown by the dental technicians. Having the measurements as a guide, the laboratory manufactures the cap with modern materials, in order to maintain the functionality and the excellent aesthetic image of the oral area.
  • In the last stage, the dentist thoroughly cleans the tooth, and then applies the crown to it, bonding it with suitable cement.

Our goal is always to give the desired, ABSOLUTELY NATURAL SMILE to our patient, using advanced techniques, with knowledge and responsibility


  • Comprehensive restoration of the functionality and health of the teeth
  • Excellent aesthetic image (absolute, natural effect)
  • In a few sessions (in most cases it is done in only 2 sessions)
  • Treatment of all cases
  • Only with MODERN and BIOCOMPATIBLE materials
  • At ALL stages, treatment is carried out with medical methods that make it PAINLESS


The crown (cap) is for cases where a high degree of loss of dental substance is found due to decay, fracture, etc. Also, in cases where we need to protect a denervated tooth. It essentially involves the “covering” of a tooth with a special material.

In most cases it is done in only 2 sessions.

In all cases, the treatment is carried out by medical methods that make it PAINLESS for the patient.

In some cases it is preferable to use the dental implant placement.

It is a clearly superior solution, both functionally and aesthetically.

The only disadvantage of implants is the relatively higher cost.



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