VF Laser Clinics are equipped with the original Alex TriVantage™ system of SYNERON CANDELA®, the WORLD’S BEST Laser Tattoo Removal System!

The Alex TriVantage™ targets any tattoo with unique precision , safely eliminating pigments of all sizes, shapes and colors, leaving the surrounding area intact.

The Q-SWITCH technology is based on a unique combination of dual wavelength lasers (755 nm & 1064 YAG). This allows us to effectively treat deeper lesions, even on darker skins! The settings of each treatment are perfectly adapted to the individual needs of the patient!

The number of sessions depends on several factors, such as the size. A relatively small tattoo can be removed in just 1 single session, whereas a back tattoo will require more. In any case, far fewer repetitions are required compared to other Lasers!

ADVANTAGES OF Alex TriVantage™

The Alex TriVantage™ system offers unrivalled benefits, including:

  • Excellent Results.
  • Tattoo Removal of all Colors, Regardless of Size and Ink.
  • Much Fewer Sessions than other Lasers.
  • Focused Action.
  • Total Safety, No Scars.
  • Minimum Recovery Time.