VF Laser Clinics are equipped with the original Alexandrite ARION™ Laser System, which offers extremely fast and effective hair removal, treating even the deepest growing hairs.

The Alexandrite ARION™ Laser is a new generation, advanced Alexandrite Laser System. In more detail:

  1. It has an excellent speed of action, emitting up to 5 pulses per second, which makes it ideal for treatments on large areas such as the legs and back.
  2. It has excellent targeting of the follicles of each hair, regardless of its thickness. Thanks to the depth of penetration achieved with the 16-mm spot, it tackles even the deepest growing hairs. At the same time, it leaves the surrounding tissues unaffected, thus protecting the skin.
  3. It has built-in Burst mode technology. With this technology, with the emission of each laser pulse, a number of sub-pulses are emitted , so that the temperature of the skin does not increase and safe treatment is ensured .

What’s more, thanks to the built-in technology of using cool atmospheric air, which compensates for the instantaneous temperature rise, hair removal is practically painless.


laser alexandrite arion

ADVANTAGES OF Laser Alexandrite ARION™

Thanks to these operating characteristics, hair removal is applied:
• At high speed
• Efficiently, since even fine hairs are targeted precisely
• With absolute safety
• In all Mediterranean skin types
• And on darker skins
• Painlessly