Α Powerful Fat Dissolving Treatment

Aqualyx is a non-surgical technique that uses micro-injections of active ingredients (made from the deoxycholate family of acids) into subcutaneous fat. It is used for localised fat removal.

Aqualyx ingredients are delivered into the mesodermal layer of the skin, in order to destroy fat cells. More specifically, the Aqualyx compound gets attached to fatty deposits, breaking them down over time. The fat is then naturally dissolved and excreted by the body safely as waste through the lymphatic system.

Aqualyx is a suitable treatment for people that want to get rid of stubborn areas of fat and is clinically proven for this purpose. It is most commonly used on abdomenthighsbuttocksupper arms, knees and chin.

The treatment is painless, and is only done by applying a cream for local numbness. It is suitable for any part of the body, and offers excellent results in cases involving double chin (face).

At VF Laser ClinicsAqualyx is a safeeffective and highly versatile treatment.




Using a thin and flexible needle, we introduce the active solution directly into the adipose tissue. Depending on the application area, the entry points can be from 1 to 5.

Deoxycholic acid causes the destruction of fat cells, gradually degrading the localized fat in the area. Cellular debris is removed through the lymphatic system.

Aqualyx treatment can be applied almost anywhere localized fat appears, such as the knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, etc. In addition, it is suitable for the double chin, but also for many cases of pseudogynecomastia.

The treatment is completely safe and approved by the FDA.


  • Excellent result at every area with localized fat.
  • Reduction of centimeters in problem areas.
  • It sculpts the body helping to restore harmony.
  • Non-invasive and completely safe method.
  • Painless treatment.


  • A special examination is carried out before application.
  • The treatment of the problem is completely personalized each time.
  • The application is carried out exclusively by specially trained doctors.
  • The application is non-surgical, and completely safe.
  • The results are natural and immediately visible.
  • There is no pain during the treatment.
  • There is no pain after treatment.
  • The results are long-lasting.

Aqualyx treatment can be applied to the following areas:

  • Knees
  • Thighs (inner side)
  • “Saddlebags”
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Waist (fat fold)
  • Arms
  • Double chin

It is also successfully applied in cases of pseudogynecomastia.

Aqualyx is proven to be a safe and effective treatment which can be done by any adult who has persistent localized fat in any area of the body or double chin.

The number of sessions needed depends on the area and the size of the problem. On average, however, 3 to 4 sessions are required.

The procedure is non-surgical and you can return to your everyday activities immediately after the treatment!

The treatment has long-lasting results, which are maintained even longer if there is a balanced diet and exercise.

It is an excellent method for reducing localized fat in any area, but it is not a cure for weight loss.

In addition, Aqualyx lipolysis is not a type of mesotherapy as many people mistakenly believe, since:

  • mesotherapy does not target such deep layers in the skin,
  • the entry points of the active ingredients are significantly fewer than in mesotherapy,
  • the lipolysis processes are different in each method.